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Dec 1, 2014
I'm cutting a long story short.

I have a Raleigh Superbe equipped with rim brakes and a Strumey Archer three speed hub.

It's wheels are original and hence are in rough shape.

I want to get better wheels on it, keep the three speed hub, and replace the original fork with a Monark springer.

This will likely mean replacing the front brake with a disk brake.

My goal is to bring the bike up to dealing with the installation of a Bafang bottom bracket motor kit.

Here is where I need advice: I in no way feel confident in my own ability to correctly purchase fitting parts online, nor do I own any of the tools needed for dealing with bike wheels.

I figured to myself: that is the reason bike shops exist, I should go ask one of those.

I am two for two bike shops basically telling me they won't do it.

One was willing to, but told me with a straight face that they couldn't guarantee a timeframe or success (on rebuilding my wheels?)
Then the other heard me out and advised me to sell the bike and try with a modern one because they couldn't get parts that would fit this frame.

This seems in discord with the information I've been finding online about this bike. Everything I'm finding would suggest that nothing about this bike is a standard that doesn't still exist in some way.

I'm ready to buy another bike, but am not totally convinced that's my best option. I want a three speed internal hub, suspension fork, and no coaster brake. This combo doesn't seem to really exist without costing several thousand dollars. If I end up needing to modify the new bike then I'm basically in the same boat, aren't I?

I was trying to price up a new bike from Walmart, plus the springer fork, and a new Strumey Archer hub, but actually have no way of checking any of the bikes dimensions, or the price of the hub from either website.

Finding myself at a loss, I figured I should ask around here. People here probably know what to do.

So the super short version is as follows:

Raleigh Superbe, needs new wheels and new fork. Easy/Hard?
Bafang install possible?
Am I doomed?
Are we all?

Also: Thank you.

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Apr 20, 2009
Jacksonville, Florida
Does your Raleigh have 26 x 1 3/8 steel 3 speed wheels? I'm just going to assume so and here is what I would do- since alloy rims are not very available and expensive if you do find them- I'd convert it to 700c- I'm almost 100 percent certain- though not entirely- they would fit in the frame- and a little less sure about inside existing fenders- maybe 90 percent there- the old brakes may not adjust- which could be a GOOD THING if you want to spend 12 to 20 on ebay and get nicer and lighter alloy replacements- just be sure of the reach AFTER fitting the wheels-

You could get new alloy 70 rims in a couple of widths on the net- Amazon is good in this category over ebay-

and directly re-lace the wheels yourself- you'd need ne slightly linger spokes and have to calculate that out, and a spoke wrench to fit and have a bike shop finish if you need it- I've been lacing wheels lately without a jig but I have a ton of experience. This may be the best alternative if the 3 speed is precious to you- they're not to me- I'd hang a derailleur get a new chain, a THUMB SHIFTER- I love these things!- and convert to 6 speeds. The best place for used 3 speed wheels is Ebay otherwise.

Look for used wheels on craigslist under the bicycle accessories that comes up when you click "Bikes for sale" Don't know where you live but in Jacksonville there are usually some used 700 wheels listed- I got lucky tis spring and found a great set for $30 I think it was- and not far away!

something like this would probably fit and the wider rims- smaller profile tires on narrower rims even more likely-

A new front wheel at least is your easiest alternative there- the back wheel you might find a replacement rim for the 3 speed,( but a new rim from Amazon probably easiest), or a used 5 or 6 speed freewheel wheel for the back- and a $10 Judah derailleur from ebay is lightweight and works quite well actually - and most people will never wear the rivets- instead of bolts- down.

Hope that helps.
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