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    i've never done this before and i need some peoples opinions and suggestions. i built a motorized beach cruiser using a chinese two cycle kit. it runs great, but i want to make a change. i also built another beach cruiser with a crystallite 750 watt hub mounted motor run by 3 12 volt lead acid batteries about three years ago.

    what i am thinking of doing, is taking the electric kit off my one cruiser (which i seldom ride anymore) and adding it to the cruiser with the 2 cycle chinese motor to make sort of a gas/electric hybrid bike. both cruisers are 26" and use the same front wheel. it looks like a simple bolt on job to add the electric hub front wheel to the gas powered cruiser and put the battery bag on the carrier. i would also have to bolt the thumb throttle that controls the electric motor onto the right handle bar in front of the gas throttle and add the tiny electric controller box to the frame.

    my thinking in considering this build is this. my pure electric bike only has a range of about 10 miles. i could ride the hybrid bike on electric til the batteries were almost discharged and then start up the gas motor if i wanted to ride more. kinda like the new phev vehicles coming out soon.

    i know one drawback is the lead acid batteries weigh quite a bit and that might slow down the bike when running the gas motor. i would expect my gas mileage would also decrease a bit because of the added weight. can anyone think of a problem in doing this? it looks like i could just bolt the whole electric kit onto the gas bike in a couple hours, no cutting or welding involved. has anyone ever tried this before. any suggestions on doing the build? thank you for any comments in advance.

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    Sounds like a good project. Would your hub motor also charge the batteries as the bike is gasoline driven? If it will recharge fairly quickly, you would have the best of both worlds.
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