Nasty weather ride


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Jan 16, 2008
pampa texas
I went to Amarillo Texas today with the ol lady on the Harley nice day a little windy with a chance of late afternoon thunderstorms with some that might be sever. I live in Pampa so its a 60 mile ride, got there about 12:00 noon ate then went to the doctor, then to the get a set of work glasses, then to harbor freight. While at the glasses store I noticed the weather was starting to look like it was going to get nasty. We went in and got a couple of items at the harbor freight store and when I came out of the store i could see a wall cloud north of the city. I turned on the weather radio on the bike and Amarillo was under a sever storm warning and the road and towns, counties that we had to ride through were under the gun as well.
So we decided to go eat it was almost 4:00pm by now, and watch the weather as I looked fuggly by now. While at the Texas Road House the weather got even worse just to the east of us or the easrt end of town we were on the west end of town, the tornado sierns went off and I told the snake get your butt out of here now we are going to head for New Mexico to get out of the storms path. By now the tornado was on the ground and heading south but the wind was blowing to the west and i thought the storm was going to nail us. I asked the manager if there was a storm shelter and he said only the bathroom and no underground shelter. So we paid for our meal and took off to the west listening to the storm sirens going off and hauling ass out of town to the west and listening to the radios weather channel with minute by minute reports of where the golf ball sized hail was and the tornado was. We road about 15 miles west and decided to turn back as the worse part of the storm was now south of Amarillo and we would go home by going to Fritch then Borger to stay out of the sever storm watch/warning areas. We got a little wet on the way home but missed the bad weather so today was a exciting one to say the least. I'd been through Greensberg, Kansas only month after their F-5 tornado and I don't want to be in one if I can help it as these storms are very rough and don't play fair. Well that's it got another storm about to hit Pampa so I need to get off its lightning and 9:51PM.
You all have fun now ya hear!
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Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
Norman you be careful with that stuff man, we need you here. Try the Nancy Regan approach and just say no once in a while.