my shadetree B&S flyer ish build...


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May 3, 2012
About 6 years ago i scored a nice base for this bike project, life had other demands other projects,


Here it is, today, now i have time to cobble it together, the seat will be buck board style,
At the moment the front brakes are on two levers on the steering wheel i plan to use one lever both brakes one lever throttle,

My first idea was this type drive, i still like it,

To go out the center of the rear like the old flyer,


But i need a small wheel and sprocket like in that pic and cant seem to find one, perhaps its made from a dolly wheel and sprocket,

Idea 2,
Mount engine out the rear, add sprocket to axle and chain drive it that way, but how do i look for a sprocket to bolt on an axle, go kart parts?
My engine is 3.5 hp, 5/8 shaft

So hit me back with some ideas and opinions,



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Jul 13, 2010
At first one picture looked as though you used friction roller from engine to wheel.

I have an off road Briggs 3.5 that I use the final connection to wheel using a V-belt drive.

The smaller tires if not large enough to accommodate a prefab Whizzer or Whizzer Clone Sheave would mean you might make your own using a pulley some how. I did , but finally swapped in a manufactured part of steel for around 45 dollars. I had used steel washing machine pulleys back in the 70's, but now they use weaker metals or carbon fiber plastic. Aluminum cracked and I now have it working reliably with the pressed stamped steel part. I did need to Dremel and sandpaper the pre-made part as it was not finished smooth and the belt originally slipped.