My new toy. Kikker 5150 200cc - pics and review.


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let me start out with my review of the kikker 5150 200cc that i just picked up and put together.

The packaging from what i have seen on the website is pretty good, however i have read quite a few posts over at the kikker forums stating that there bike arrived with a few minor scratches here and there but nothing major or to the point where it needs to be returned. Now i can't speak on the packaging first hand because i purchased my kikker locally from bobbertime in NJ, most local dealers do not stock the kikker 5150 200cc only because the 200cc model is on back order and the ETA is about 3-4 weeks but you can and from what i have read some have been lucky to get them in 5-7 days when ordered directly from kikker in Cali. Now the only reason i was able to get mine locally because the owner of bobbertime was in the middle of putting one together for himself (he had about 30% of it complete) and was nice enough to sell it to me (he had disposed of all of the packaging) at a reasonable price and give me a set of ape hanger handle bars and dragsters that you will see in the pictures below. This kit will fit into an SUV, station wagon, or MAYBE even a really large spacious sedan when unassembled. Don't buy a 110cc kit and swap in a 200cc motor the frame is beefier on the 200cc.

Assembly: as i mentioned above the bike was about 30% done when i got it, the front end was put together, and the rear fender was installed. The quality of the frame is really good for something that i believe is made in china, the welds look really strong and well done. The fitment of the motor was easy but not too easy, it required some shimming of the front lower motor mount, a little bit of hammer swinging, some small scale grinding with a dremel (nothing major), and a little bit of patience. The chain is a 520 chain, pretty damn heavy, difficult to bring together only because of the chains mass not because of poor fitment (it actually fits very well), the rear wheel was a little tricky to put on but if you follow the directions and illustrations provided via e-mail (about 65 pages but lots of helpful pics) you will have it together in no time. The front wheel is where the speedo attaches and the speedo sender is actually a spacer for the axle, but i choose not to spend the extra money on a speedo, so i had to get my own spacers (1/2" washers from home depot worked great) long story short i got the front end put together with little fuss after i got the spacers/washers needed. The electrical was a bit tricky, the bike uses a body ground and the handlebar switches need to be grounded to bare metal so (i am good pretty good with electrical) it took me about 2 hours to figure out why the **** none of the switches were working and there is no mention of this in the instructions. Well my bike is flat black which means the switches case never touched bare metal because of the paint, so a little sandpaper did the trick. Charge the battery fully before installing on the bike, its a ***** to put in last, and if not charged enough it wont recharge while riding. On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being easy and 10 being difficult i give this a 6.5 this is very doable but if you don't have a good variety of tools and mechanical experience already it will not be an easy process. 10 for a newbie 6.5 for experienced tinkerers (is that a word).

The ride: This bike to me (first motorcycle i ever drove) is pretty damn fast sorry i don't have anything else to compare it too as this is the first bike besides my MB. The engine is very smooth (it is a hi-bird 200cc made in china 4 stroke engine with surprisingly good quality from what i can tell) revs freely, and sounds really good with the straight pipe, the carb is made in japan, and seems to be very good quality, easy to start no choke needed, kick start or electric start is your choice it comes with both installed. The Brakes work pretty good (hydraulic front and back on the 200cc models, 110 models have drum rears and hydraulic disc up front) Though the rear brake seems to not fit on the rotor properly (i think i may have the wrong bracket or caliper i am looking into it) but it does its job and no binding. I can't really comment on the bikes handling as i have nothing to compare it too and i have not registered it as of yet so i kept it on my dead end street for the test drives.

Here it is the meat and potatoes below.



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Jul 22, 2008
Is The Key Switch In The Oil Tank???? And Is The Oil Tank Just For Show??? Awsome Ride . Ive Been Looking At Them For A Long Time Well And The Pic Of The Girl With All The Pinstripping :d Let Us Know How It Runs When Your All Legal


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the oil tank is fake it contains the relays and fuses. basically a junction box. Yes thats the on off switch the starter button is on the right side of the handle bars. I may switch to the ape hangers when i get a longer brake hose for the front brakes.


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49cc basic complete kit starts at 1,599
110cc basic complete kit starts at 1,649
125cc basic complete kit starts at 1,699
200cc basic complete kit starts at 1,999
with out shipping. shipping is anywhere from $100-200 dollars via UPS ground. Will come in several boxes.
you can add options like apehangers in chrome or black, leather seats (as pictured on my bike) in 2 color choices, chrome frame, painted tins, upward bent exhaust pipe, etc, etc. I paid 2,300 for my bike.

110cc bikes are pretty easy to find and you might be able to get a used one for about 1300 already assembled if you shop around. But buying a used one will make it very difficult to register and title unless your buying it from someone that has already done so.
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Sep 4, 2008
A 50cc kicker may not require a motorcycle license (110cc will). Check with your state.
I almost bought a 110cc kicker. The thought of assembling your own motorcycle was very appealing. The 200cc Kikker Bobbers look great and I'm glad the assembly isn't too difficult.


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no the assembly is definitely doable. I have been zipping up and down my block with the bike i slapped one of those cordless bell speedos from walmart on but i think the cheap plug wire is screwing it up (simular to the china girl plug wire) so i am going to get a better plug wire a little later today. my closest autoparts store only sells them in sets so i may have to shop around to find a single plug wire. But i can tell you that the 200cc's power is very satisfying, i think i will need a better seat it feels like i am about to slide off the seat at times, good low end power but the top end is NUTS! They say at the forums that the top speed on the 200cc is about 75-80mph stock, and there are diffrent sized rear sprokets available that can give you more top speed.