my bike made the front page of the Sunday paper


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Jul 2, 2008
Hey folks,
I recently got my Yuba Mundo ebike project done and woke up this morning with a big picture of me and my bike on the front page of the Sunday paper. I rode the bike downtown yesterday to the Go Green festival and apparently made quite an impression on the city officials and the Frankfort police department. I was barraged with questions about my bike(s) all afternoon, and was amazed how many people commented on how they've seen me around town and have been talking about it. The city commissioners were all ears when I expressed my concerns about the seemingly stagnant bike/walk program in our town (promotes the addition of bike lanes and bike/pedestrian paths throughout the city), and they saw yet another example of how they are becoming a necessity. Also, they were very receptive to the use of motored bikes, both electric and gas powered, as a part of the going green program.
The bike shown in the paper is powered by a 400 watt eZee electric front hub motor, a Crystalite controller, and a 36v lithium battery. I had it outfitted in "grocery mode" sporting a large plastic storage container on one side, and a city recycling bin on the other. The mayor even made mention of it during his opening speech of the festival calling it the city's new recycling truck LOL.
My other bike, (not shown) is a Raleigh Retro Glide cruiser powered by a 50cc Honda 4 stroke and a Staton Inc rack mount set up. The mayor has also seen me around on this bike as well and commented to me that he thought that was about the coolest thing he's ever seen. So, I guess things are looking up for the motored bicycle, at least here in Frankfort, Ky. Although I'm not really a hardcore "treehugger" persay, I've found that the going green approach turned out to be a great way to promote our bikes !
Here is a link to the article if you'd like to see it. Click on the pic for a larger size if you'd like to check out the bike. - Candidates tackle green issues at festival forum


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Aug 31, 2008
High Plains Desert, Roy UT
Now is the time to make a profit on your endevour. Since you are the first to persay, show the way, you could possibly lead the way in doing conversions for your community. And make a small proffit on your labor to help others with their need to build a similar ride.
The eys of Frankfort are upon you now to lead the Green Revolution in their township. And, judging from your comment, I believe the city council will back you on such an interprise.
Maybe a business grant to help you get started?
There are reasons for everything that happens in this world, karma is the key to success. It never hurts to try. ;-) Maximo