Motorized Bicycle Wheels, Sturmey Archer Hubs, and some others


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Sep 26, 2008
We are gearing up to offer motorized bicycle specific wheels. We have Some Sturmey Archer XFD Drum Brake Hubs on the way, 11 gauge spokes and black aluminum rims too.
We will offer all of Sturmey-Archer's line avail. @ reasonable prices. I'm awaiting a shipment of the updated 8sp internal gear hubs w/disc mount (will work w/King's S&S disc mt sprockets).
There is currently a 3 speed hub available w/ disc mt and "Stick Shift" but it's like 165mm wide normal is about 135mm.
We will offer the Grubee HD Hubs as they remain available.
We are currently still exploring many disc mount single and multispeed hubs for road and mt bike derailer applications. We will be experimenting w/ much of the "New Hightech" Rim and Spoke products as time goes on as well.
Of Course All of the Wheels Are Hand Built in Seattle WA, USA

Email [email protected] for prices or w/ any questions. Thanks!

.spr. Now that's funny rotfl I've never been a fan of the "rubber donut sprocket", but always a fan of those that make it work!

P.S. We will be updating the website by the end of the week. We will make some Items available for online purchase and continue to add more.
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