Motorized Bicycle Incremental Chain Tensioning, Chain Management
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Dec 29, 2007
HI well, I thought sure that I had written this here, but in case not, here goes.

Other than a true spring-loaded guide, which some I knew in the past had made, the best tension roller LIFTING the chain is NONE.

This is how it came to be that I invented the aluminum T-Shirt.

Remember that when you move the engine forward the chain slack reduction is twice the distance of the movement of the engine. One full link-set is one inch, therefore the MAX that you would ever need to move your engine would be 1/2 inch. Additionally, good is good enuf, and there is no need for perfect, which, actually does not exist.

Now, take your rear sliding motor mount, make a pattern on a piece of extruded aluminum strap, not to exceed the width of the mount or it can hang up in the chain.

Originally I drilled the holes, and slid them on the studs in-between the rear motor mount and the engine case. AFTER pulling the engine in and out several times it occurred to me that when I aligned the front-end on my 55 Chevy, that the shims had a tab-handle, and did not require removing the bolts, just loosen, pry open, slip in and re tighten.

This is where we are now, your shims look like t-shirts, and the "arms" of the t-shirt lay on top of the 2 studs, with the body of the shirt hanging down, full-length to space the engine evenly, and rock-solid.

Next installment, after you-all ask anything you like about this, I'll explain the other section of Chain Management, which we invented (Kevin "evil elvis" Waddle, and Meself), the Upstop Roller.

Not open for further replies.