Mongoose Dozer

Discussion in 'Motorized Bicycle General Discussion' started by JerryAssburger, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. JerryAssburger

    Mar 11, 2017
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    I, "searched" and didn't find this bike on The Forum. I was at Toys-R-Us and saw this bike on sale for $179. This looks like a Stupid Fun Build. Technically the challenge is the 4" tires, but numerous people have answered that with ease before. The spokes seem skinny (36 spoke wheels), so maybe a re-lace would also be in order. I also would lean towards making an under-seat gas tank. But doesn't this look like a fun build? Just thought I'd throw it out there. I personally wouldn't be able to do it- one gasbike is enough in this household, according to my wife. :)
    It's a Mongoose Dozer. mongooseDozer.jpg
  2. curtisfox

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    Dec 29, 2008
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    Naw got to build one for her, both ride together! I would like to build one like that only with 4 stroke, new down tube it would work..........Curt
  3. Nehmo

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    Aug 30, 2011
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    The bigger, the better. That goes for wheel width, diameter, number of, and distance of separation. But you can't have everything. So, compromises must be made.
    My objection to this particular bike is the absence of brakes on the front. The coaster brake will disappear if the chain jumps off the sprocket.
    There are plenty of pics of motorized versions.

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