monarch 2 springer on a 24" inch bike?


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Nov 17, 2016
I have a 24 inch schwinn typhoon,
Would it possible to put the 26 inch monarch 2 springer forks on it?
How will this affect the ride?

What if I put a 22 inch wheel on the front? would this work? How do you think this would affect the ride?

What is the trail if you put the 26 inch monarch springer on a standard 26 inch cruiser bike?
(I assume the trail will be a little less than stock, although stock has the front tubes bent forward a little so maybe quite close to stock?)

Any idea what the trail would be if I put the 26 inch monarch springer on a 24 inch wheel bike?
or if i put it with a 22 inch front wheel? (24 inch wheel bike)

sorry lots of questions, no wonder i can't think straight -
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