Mods and starting a new bike from learning


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Oct 31, 2008
The first bike I built was a Big W $100 bike never again lesson one, brakes were that bad had to carry an anchor [have to delet a few so will post later--
Then I came across this oversized Legend made in Japan this has become the tester for trying new ideas out, its a very good bike and has done may miles probably getting close to 3,000

This is the rear engine mount thats a stationary engine mount fitted with a flat steel plate to the rear engine mounts then just ine 12mm hole for the mount onto the plate
The front mount is the same type as the rear one, but had to put a bar up the post as there was too much side movement

Finally the chain tensioner that I used a skateboard roller for, and also used a bearing in the bottom of the arm, and found a small turn bucke from a marine store to adjust it if the need arises

This is the Schwinn that I'm at present working on, have no doubt that I will be putting rubber mounts on it in the future plus lots more, all good fun more playing with mods than riding, will post image later as had to delete 2


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May 28, 2008
Hi, The Mounts And Tensioner Look Great. Neat And Low Profile Frt Mt. How Is The Engine Vibration.?? That Spring Looks A Bit Stiff !!?? Nice Job On The Fabracations. Thanks For Sharing With Us. What A Great Forum. Thanks To "cruiser", And To Think Some Sob Stole His Favorite Thing To Ride. Ron:crash: