Modifying Rhino Forks


The Old Master Motorized Bicycle Builder
Oct 23, 2008
Has anybody ever torn down a Rhino or RKD suspension fork? There are plenty of cheap ones on the throwaway MTB bikes. By torn down I mean separate the fork ends and the steerer/crown.

The two Rhino forks I have take a 7/8" (22.2 mm) stem; the RKD takes a 13/16" (21.15 mm) BMX stem. I would like to use the RKD since it has a top braze-on for a V brake cable end in addition to the caliper/fender mount on the booster plate. But the heavy billet stem I want to use is 7/8".

The RKD also locates my front wheel correctly for my head tube angle.

I'm hoping it's possible to swap the fork ends. I've tried to look down the tubes but with me, glasses and a light all trying to edge each other out of the way I can't see how the inner tubes attach to the outer. I don't know if the springs are locked at the bottom with a press fit, screw, or what.

I'm also thinking maybe different springs/rates. And replacing the accordion dust/mud seals after paint.