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Jun 25, 2008
Chico, CA
How is your gas mileage? I have ridden about 400 miles so far and recently got a odometer on my bike. After about a week of riding I would say I get around the 60-70mpg range, not quite the 100-150 as described by some sellers. I am about 185 pound guy on a Schwinn Point Beach cruiser. I can get about 30 miles per hour at top speed and usually run about 23-24 miles per hour on my way to work each day. Any recommendation on better gas mileage (lose weight is not an option) :) would be appreciated.

Is the 100-150 MPG's only reachable for a 100 pound person going 14 miles per hour?


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Mar 1, 2008
Aztlán, Arizona
I get anywhere from 50-60 miles on a tank of gas (1/2 gallon)

Of course your size and the weight of your bike, and terrain and also if you ride wide open full throttle all the time that will also kill your mileage.

I do not know of anybody who gets 150mpg...mine jumps between 100-120mpg. Depend on where I ride and how hard I push my motor.