Manich Mechanic 44T Sprocket and Gear Box


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Mar 5, 2013
hi guys. im new member but have been gathering tons of info on this site during my build. and i have aquired a few motorized bicycle parts. i have

1. Manich Mechanic 44T rear sprocket from the sprocket assembly that everybody love. i've changed my tooth size so thought i would see if any of yall would like to have it. it's barely used. i would say about 1 hour of ride time on it. really nice sprocket. the price is $20.00+shipping which i would do flat rate usps. which is $5.60

2. Flying Horse 2011 5G 4-Stroke Centrifugal Transfer Case/Gear Box
the only issue with this gear box is that the bell rotor snapped. but that can easily be fixed for about $15 including shipping from other sites on the web. or if you happen to have an extra one lyin around. i upgraded to a qmatic today which is the reason why i havent bought a bell rotor and am ready to pass it on to someone else. price is $35.00 plus flat rate shipping medium box i believe is $12.35

heres a link to a pic of the transmission.
please pm me if youre interested. thanks all!!!!!
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