gear box
  1. TheNecromancer13

    Dog clutch question

    So I was looking around the other day and I came across this DIY 2 speed dog clutch: Here's a closeup: It looks like a useful (and cool) thing to add to my...
  2. M

    Centrifugal Clutch Acquisition!

    I have looked almost everywhere to find a centrifugal clutch kit for sale on the internet and while several sites have them posted for sale, all of them are out of stock. Can anyone help me hunt one down?
  3. P

    New to forum, not new on building bikes

    Hi name is Ron, I'm in B.C. Canada. I am new to the form but not new to motorized bikes. I have built about 6 or so over a couple years. My current ride is a full suspension total custom purpose built frame. With all downhill equipment, triple crown forks, etc. dirt bike body. I run the final...
  4. S

    Manich Mechanic 44T Sprocket and Gear Box

    hi guys. im new member but have been gathering tons of info on this site during my build. and i have aquired a few motorized bicycle parts. i have 1. Manich Mechanic 44T rear sprocket from the sprocket assembly that everybody love. i've changed my tooth size so thought i would see if any...