Maintenance Schedule


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Mar 1, 2008
Aztlán, Arizona
Here is my maintenance schedule:

Carb: Air Filter-In Arizona it's pretty dusty; anywhere from 5-20 hours.
At about around 50 hours I will pull my carb off and break it down and give it a good cleaning with carb clean.

Spark Plug: Around 20-30 hours I will pull my plug clean it and re-gap

Exhaust: 50 hours I will pull my exhaust and the Baffle and use engine degreaser.

Right side gears: 25-30 hours Check clutch adjustment and lube gears

Left side drive: 20-30 hours check and lube. Will also lube clutch arm

Chain & tensioner & Rear Sprocket: Before every ride/ lube chain if needed.

Head bolts and all engine bolts...ect: Every 25-30 hours

Cables: clutch and throttle lube about every 20-30 hours. I will also lube the throttle housing and adjust cables if needed.

On my bicycle I always check wheels bearing, head tube bearings, spokes, Handlebars, seat...ect. before every ride.

I check wheel bearing grease about every 30-40 hours and check all bolts and nuts on bicycle. And do a very good inspection for any cracks on the frame.

Engine mounts: 25-30 hours

Fuel screen in tank & fuel fliter about 40-50 hours