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Aug 17, 2019
Got nuthin' to do with the original post but you guys might get a kick outa this video. I was there that day but as usual was looking the wrong way. All I saw was a cloud of dust.

The pilot did survive. Had a lacerated leg, one collapsed lung, and his bell rung but good! Lived to tell the tale tho.

Also shows the importance of a roll cage lol.

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Nov 24, 2018
Jeez yea that's what I'm hoping to avoid. If you can, you should hover your hand over the clutch so the instant something doesn't go right you can pull it in and as long the engine itself locked up you'll likely be fine. If it's the chain however, you'll just have to bank on luck with that one. lol What kinds of upgrades did you run to get 46 mph? I won't be upgrading mine to go that fast since I like the extra torque I get from running a bigger sprocket since I live near a few big hills. However, I think the upgrades I'd have to do is a bigger sprocket, porting for higher revs, and maybe up the compression a bit.

just gotta hit 40mph or above, or 50mph or above. the clubs like a " mile high" kinda club. not really a thing. just a bunch of us tht have gone those speeds. i never care to ask for proof. if ya did, ya did, if not, it's cool too.

what i did was a little porting, slowly over a month of runs i raised my exhaust up a bit and widened it slightly. then i changed the transfers timing by raising it, and redirected it more back towards the carb. i widened the intake a bit and cleared the piston from the opening.i opened up the airflow in the nt carb ( rt worked the same as the nt in my tests, just had better gas mileage, but ran hotter) by drilling holes in the cover my 42.9mph engine had a short intake and a single speed with a custom pipe and all tht done. my 46mph bike i went down low and built a torque monster, max power around 6k rpm. custom port, etc, like above. build a long header with a small sharp expansion chamber for it. it still has pull when the engine peters out. i could change my port timing and use even more of this pipe, made the header long as i can without looking really dumb. then i added a jack shaft to a 6 speed cassette. i use castor ( blendzall formula 455) at one ounce to my 2-2.5 of lucas land sea and air 2 stroke oil. i have an upgraded magneto and cdi on it. it's running a 7" custom intake, causes some problems on idle down and top end, but it's a torque machine. i used 7" intake cause it matched close with the 23" of header. i gasket match, port match etc. it feels like a real motorcycle when you crack the throttle, sounds like a dirt bike. i can;t think of anything else at this moment. i worked on tht 46mph machine a lot to hit tht.

oh and i can run that bike flat out till it runs out of gas, never over heats. long as i'm rolling, i can slam the gas as hard as i want. she just keeps on trucking. castor is some amazing stuff, smells good too. i also jet rich, 4 strokes without a load, especially on the top end. jump on it though, and tht rich run never even whimps out on a 1 mile long steep hill at full throttle.

oh yeah, i changed over to a 5.5cc head and set the squish too.
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