Loubuilt from Maine


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Mar 1, 2008
Aztlán, Arizona
Welcome to the forum, glad you joined us.

Very nice! That is one heck of a light, are you running the white wire to power it and if so, where do I get one?


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Mar 1, 2009
Re: Loubuilt Light Power

Hello and thank you Fair. The light is an emergency/security 6v system.
It only draws 5w, but is still fairly bright.
It is a rechargeable 6v battery, that fits down in the blank space between the seat post bottom and rear tire area with a fabricated battery box.
Direct wired to the light with a toggle switch mounted up by the handlebar clamps. I also installed a quick disconnect plug for easy recharges in between rides with my 6V Battery Tender.
I have heard from other builders that plugging into the engine running current, takes away from the correct power needed to run the engine properly, I am unsure of the facts behind that, but I figured I would put the light on a seperate power source, just in case.
The light has been tested for a 1/2 hour continual run time and seems to be working fairly good so far without a recharge. If you need any more info on this Fair just drop me a line . Have a great day Lou..shft.