lost in Leforse



LORD VADER Moderator
Jan 16, 2008
pampa texas
I rode my bike to the poker run bike rally in Leforse today and spent most of the day there entered my redneck huffy in the bike show for fun don't think I won but I do know that at least 5 people voted for me as they said they did.
I was parked between a buell chopper and a big dog chopper. Lots of people looked my bike over pretty close and I had a good time talking to people.
There was an impromptu burn out contest and I thought real strong about doing a burn out but decided not to as it would be a long walk back to town if I tore it up. Anyway had a good tome and a fairly long ride I went the back roads so I wouldn't have to worry to much about traffic don't know the mileage I think about 15 miles one way but I'm guessing.