Leather Gaskets, Anyone

Discussion in 'Motorized Bicycle General Discussion' started by rohmell, May 5, 2011.

  1. rohmell

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    Jun 2, 2010
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    I am thinking of using leather for the crankcase halves gasket, and maybe for the cylinder base as well.
    Anyone ever try using leather as a gasket?
    When installed, the leather will absorb a little oil, expand and make a tight seal. I don't know if the heat and gasoline will muck things up or not.
  2. msrfan

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    Sep 17, 2010
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    Interesting question. Leather's cool for a lot of things. Gasket paper also absorbs liquids and swells, and it has the advantage of consistent thickness. Remember, the case and cylinder gaskets are shims designed to give proper spacing to your metal parts and is a lot easier to work with, not to mention availability. Cork is also a great sealing material, but where you need something strong, regulation gasket material is the way to go. Leather or cork would work fine on side covers and non torqued areas. I've used leather for cups in pumps and seals around non pressurized shafts, so there is a place to use leather for sealing.

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