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Discussion in 'Motorized Cruiser Bicycles' started by dranin, Dec 30, 2010.

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    after looking into known problems with some bikes and a few cases of road rash i finaly found what seems to be the right bike for a board track racer ... 1940's wards hawthorne 848 ... no stupid tab on the front fender to let go and leave me in a heap on the road .duh. .. has a bolt that goes directly into the fork .... flimsy forks also cause bloodshed .bf. .. heavy duty verticle springer thats MEGA stiff and holds steady and i have had rear drop outs drop off ... frame broke and the rear end fell appart at about 50mph ... thats all solid here too .. the gastank will be hand fabricated and because of the shape of the frame roughly the rear 1/4 of the space for the tank wont work for fuel .. angles the wrong way so that space will be my tool box .. allready rebuilt the wheels with MUCH heavier spokes (thanks to the awsome bike shop in the next town) and spent 3 weeks stripping off the age and rust before being able to paint .. the rear of the frame was so baddly pitted in some spots that bondo had to be used to get a smooth finish lol
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    Welcome to the forum dranin, glad you joined us.

    Please post some photos when you can we would love to see your MB.

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