Kings/Gasbike $74 engine only


Oct 30, 2011
Seattle, WA
Yesterday I installed my black Jet® brand engine only from Kings. The castings & finish seem comparatively very decent. My last engine from Gasbike had the issue that the spark plug hole was too big & unthreaded, also one of the piston retaining clips was missing and the base of the cylinder failed to meet properly with the block also the head bolt holes in the block stripped out. The catastrophic failure that ultimately killed my last engine, I had heli-coiled the bolt holes, and allowed bits of metal into the cylinder & flywheel, causing a fatal seizure & fusion of piston to sleeve that took a blow torch& sledge hammer to separate. I'm now on my 4th engine for this particular build, called " Riquimbli dervish model III, iteration 4." I'm still thinking I'll save up & get a Zeda Bullet train electric start, the $300 price tag is giving me pause but I believe ultimately it's good value. Anyone using one? I'd like to hear about it