Keep stalling [PLEASE HELP!!]

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    omg I'm so frustrated. I don't know what causes this problem.

    Please help.

    I have 4 stroke 49cc centrifugal clutch friction drive bike. REALLY SIMPLE.

    1. Bike behaves perfectly normal for about 10~20 min of riding.

    2. After awhile (10~20mins later), the clutch does not disengage when I let go the throttle and when I come to a stop, the engine stalls.

    3. Can't restart the engine because bike is stopped (as soon as engine starts, it stalls) I can only get it started when the bike is lifted so the rear wheel can move.

    4. I have diagnosed that at idle speed, the roller is still spinning.

    5. when engine is cooled off about 2~3 hours, it behaves normally again.
    The clutch disengages when I let go the throttle and everything.

    It almost feels like this bike is possessed


    Solutions i have received so far

    1. Check the throttle cable.

    This didn't work because it behaves normally for first 15~20 mins.

    2. lubricate the clutch


    3. adjust clutch spring

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    It sounds like the clutch might be installed incorrectly...

    Take it apart while it's still warm & try to see if you can spot why it's not disengaging at idle.

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