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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ozilew, Sep 12, 2012.

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    hi everyone, stumbled across this site last night whilst trying to source some info on my new bike . spent over six hours hopping from page to page. thoroughly interesting and informative .. thanks. I am a newly registered member who frankly has only ever read forums whilst searching for various topics but having bought my first bike about six months ago have become hooked on them. blew up motor two weeks ago. I am an aussie bloke that is picking up my next deadly treadly in two nights time, a sparkling brand new cruiser that i have big plans for. daughter says i already got one so dont need it , but does she have more than one dress???? i think so.
    never really been mechanically minded but semi retired and all this time has seen me under the guidance of a mate who has all the know how and machinery just around the corner who builds small motors for blokes all over oz, go carters etc. lucky i was given two ears and one mouth... I listen twice as much as i talk...
    actually the first motor i have ever stripped down was a chinese 49cc i bought second hand approx 6 months ago, since then i have started rebuilding a 1200cc jet ski motor, I am loving this technical and dirty stuff.
    Once again thanks for having me and i will divulge more about my grand plans on conquering the world one pedal at a time very soon CHEERS!!!
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    Welcome to the forum ozilew. glad you joined us.

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