Just finished my first MB, things that need to be improved


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Jul 16, 2018
I just installed a 79 cc kit on my bike. Although it runs and I’m able to ride it I’m not ready to go too far. Here’s a list of things that I need to work on.
1. Modify engine mount or make a new one. The one that’s included is just too crude. I also need the engine to move to the left about 1/4 in. To clear jackshaft sproket and allow me to tighten clutch chain.
2. A better chain tensioner, the one that comes with kit won’t stay in place.
3. A better clutch/transmission guard. A true cover would be better, I’ve already had the clutch bolt dig into my leg twice.
4. Remove another link or two from the drive chain, it has stretched now and removing some would help with the tensioner.
5. Install a better exhaust that will move it to the other side or come up with a heat shield that doesn’t look too ugly. The exhaust that came with the kit sounds great but it gets hot, I burned the crap out of my arm while making adjustments to the tensioner.
6. Need better throttle control, I don’t trust that cheap plastic. I’m planning on ordering a better style metal throttle grips.
7. Need better brake system, single rear brake isn’t enough.

Other than this I was quite pleased with the kit from GasBike. I know that they’re people here that have had bad service and are not pleased with their products but my experience was pretty good. Ordered a wide crank kit and hub mount sproket adapter with 50 tooth Sprocket so I didn’t have to use the cheap rag joint adapter. I knew by reading other posts here what to expect and I went in knowing it was going to be a work in progress. I considered it an experiment and was glad to see the thing actually move on it’s own power. The 79cc engine that’s included runs pretty good and starts right up. I plan to make these changes and eventually move on to a better bike frame, clutch/trans, and wheels. Thanks to everyone here that has posted advice and their own experiences, it all came in handy.