Jim's ( MANIC MECH. ) Billet intake.........!

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    Just wanted to give an atta-boy to Jim and Pirate Cycles, I ordered one of Jim's little billet intakes and a performance air filter from Pirate about a week an a half ago and got around to getting it all installed yesterday evening and wow...! what a difference it made in the way my engine runs, 2 mph top end increase and a very noticable increase in low-end and mid-range power, I'm very impressed and DO HIGHLY recommend anyone and everyone to put one of these on your engine.

    Pirate is a top notch vendor to do business with and Jim's parts are nicely built and do a great job, Thanks Guy's keep up the good work...!

    I also included a pic of what I believe to be the best sealer to use for the intake gaskets.


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    I ordered one of jims intakes a year ago and like how it smoothed out my idle,so I ordered three more for my other bikes.I also have hi-flo filters on them aswell.But the biggest reason I have them on my bikes is because of the look it gives the bikes.I have a lot of respect of Jims craftmanship,all of his products are top notch.Randy

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