Octo Ro

New Member
May 1, 2019
Some background about my build: I have one of those Fred heads from ebay, a windowed piston, a Reed valve, the hp carb(with the jet it comes with) , a fat ass exhaust, it's ported, and I have the motor ready bike with a 44 tooth sprocket I believe. I also use 16:1.
So right now I am only able to get around 25mph. I've pretty much been stuck at it. Before I changed out the exhaust(from the F2 thruster), got a ported cylinder, and put on the Reed valve, it still went 25. I don't think it has gotten much faster. And when I'm going faster, it sputters Hella. I honestly have no knowledge about jetting, and I don't know what to use to go faster. I tried using the jet from the nt carb but that just made it worse. I feel like this thing should be going at least 40mph. What do I do?