is this possible?

gill vanderwerf

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Sep 9, 2019
Ok as some of you know i have problems with a 66cc motor the clutch is slipping, now when i got the bike it came with a 49cc motor that had a stud that was stripped so i could not tighten the head and it was pushing a bit of oil out between cylinder and head gasket. so the seller send me the 66 cc motor told me it was also new but had a bit of damage inside the clutch and had a motor mount that had stripped Allan bolt on it that i have no way of taking off..anyway i am sitting here with 2 motors and after more then a month of receiving the bike still not able to ride it. the 49cc is a zeda motor and i have no clue what the 66cc is. now everything on the 49 cc works starts up just has the stud that is stripped my question is can i make one good motor out of the 2 use the 66cc cylinder on the rest of the zeda so my question is....

1. removing the stud and replacing it with one of the 66cc on the zeda or replace them with all 4 from the 66 cc
2. putting the 66 cc cylinder and piston on the 49 cc with the good working clutch.
3. how hard would that be for someone that has a bit of mechanical knowledge.

i am posting the 2 motors here also the black one is the 66 cc


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May 1, 2011
Newnan,Georgia U.S.A.
Gill did you try taking the stud out of the 48cc engine like i suggested in you first thread? Take the head off and use a pair of vise grips to screw the stud out, then take it to a shop and have it re-threaded.