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    Jul 14, 2010
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    I was thinking of eventually putting on a typhoon intake and a CNS carb for a skyhawk "80cc" and leaving it at that without any other mod's
    I can bolt things in the right place, but have no idea how to tune an engine. is this how those two things work? or do i have to do other things to get the bike to run right?
    ...any suggestions?
    thanks cvlt1
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    First, you need to learn to read a spark plug, and a few basics before you "mod" your engine. If you just bolt stuff on and don't know how to tune, you are throwing away money and time.
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    While I run a CNS and like it a lot better than stock, it alone is not going to give you the performance increase yer prolly hoping for & it can be a finicky pain to dial in for the first time.

    For the money, I'd recommend a good expansion chamber exhaust system as yer first "mod" - not only is it the most pronounced improvement over stock, but it's really just a matter of bolting it on & yer done :D

    ...well, ya should prolly double check the plug's color, but ya should do that after any alteration ;)

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