Instructional videos?


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Jun 8, 2008
Gainesville, FL
Hello all,

Being from the Aircooled VW world for the last 2 decades, I've see lots of creative new parts and services provided to every level of the restoration / high performance crowd. One of the best things I have seen is the "Bug Me" video series by (I think his name is) Rick Higgins. He has about 10 DVD's covering everything form tuneup and brakes, to engine removal, engine rebuild, take body off, and full wiring harness replacement.

My point is that I have learned a lot from watching those videos, even though I have done it for 20 years.

Does anyone have a video series on installing, rebuilding, or modifying these engines?

I'd pay money for that! Also, Does anyone offer machine shop services like balancing, or boost porting or sell already modified stuff like properly jetted and modified carbs? I know that I have seen them done here, but not for sale.

Thanks for all of your insights and help with this great hobby and forum.