Inherited a Whizzer, need help with value & sale


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Sep 17, 2010
Southern California
Nice Whizzer. Need more pics, but right off hand I see a Bendix generator lighting system that's worth a few hundred bucks. Appears to be a decent older restoration with good chrome. Rear stand and 6 hole rack are nice features. Couldn't see if it had the high dollar tail light. Standard non embossed tank, flex tail pipe short breather, low fin head, non locking springer, looks like maybe a New Departure WD front brake worth well over 100 dollars, standard controls and nice seat. Clean it up, air it up, check the oil, make sure it has fresh gas and see if she runs. You'll have to take the side cover off the engine to see if it has a roller crank. I would start at $3500 with what I see. May go either way with more info and photos.