I'm not sure..


Walter F.

New Member
Jun 4, 2008
..but it seems to me that there is more and more stuff out there for our bikes, maybe I'm just digging deeper? Let me say I am glad to see WW Grainger on board as a sponsor. Folks this is a very fine source for odds and end pieces, ie,chain, idler sprockets, tools & and all kind of neat stuff. I have one of their paperback catalogs and it is 4,010 pages long & 4 inches thick. Most of you older guys probably have heard of them, check out their site. I have bought from them for years and highly recommend them either online or in their store. This may not be the right place for this rant, but I'm sure our leaders will move it if need be! Have a happy Fri.- GO CARL EDWARDS- #99 (c) wALTER f.