I'm new to the site.. i could use some help in certain areas


Darren Dennis

New Member
Apr 23, 2018
hello guys,

I'm new to this site... Not new in building bikes ( average builder i would say) i already have a motorized chopper which is all good and great. I've built mountain bikes mostly, although this is my first gas tank frame I'm building. just so you know, the motor is a skyhawk 66cc. i just added a dio reed ( with windowed piston) it has 21mm oko carb. the help i need is to get it tuned or figure what is what on the carb such as the extra hose, black knob etc etc. also let you know that I'm deaf, so its virtually impossible to troubleshoot something by listening. i will be getting new tires tomorrow i also need advice where/what kind of freewheel rear drive sprocket... i also want to replace the crank as i am not a fan of one piece crank..