I'm from the Netherlands

Oct 13, 2008
Also called Holland, whichever you prefer;)

Hello fine riding people! Glad to be here and I hope to get a few questions answered.
I am a bicycle repairman and reseller, got my own shop in Haarlem(yes, Harlem NYC is called after this town, as is Brooklyn after Breukelen etc.), love oldtimer bikes and classic style cruisers. Like the Black Racer and others.

Are there any more dutch or european people on the forum? I would really love to know, because I want to get my Black Racer legalized here and am wondering what experiences people have on that.
Has anyone in the area tried it and if it worked ? And of course i am wondering if i am the only one in holland on a thing like this? Certainly its one of few riding around, noone that sees it has ever seen the likes of it before.
It would be nice if i didnt have to be looking over my shoulder constantly for the cops:rolleyes:

I attached 3 pics of me and some american cruiser/choppers, a transportbike after restoration and the Racer. I think i wannatry and get another tank made, one that fits between the the upper and second tube. would look a whole lot better and cleaner:D

And this is my website:
Fietsco Home


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