I Love my Bike!!



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Feb 14, 2012
Tulsa, OK
I don't even know where to begin, cruising down the street on my motorbicycle is in the top 5 of the coolest things I have ever done. Needless to say I recently built a motorized bike.

I got one of the kits from BGF of ebay, and its awesome. Now that I have been riding it for several months though I am sick of all the little minor problems that I have had. So I tore the whole things apart and decided to rebuild it.

In the beginning I wanted to save money so I bought the kit, even though everyone said that I was going to need to replace the accessories. I should have listened. In my attempt to save that little bit of money I am now having to replace all those cheap accessories anyway.

Anyway, I bought a 66cc motor(I am sure I can find a use for the 48cc), a quality chain tensioner, stainless steel hardware, a larger gas tank(rear mount), a seatpost with a shock on it, and some other pieces for the clutch because I messed it up when I first installed it.

I am going to get a few more pieces after I get it all together, I am just waiting to see what else I am going to want. I WISH I WOULD HAVE LISTENED! Oh well.

Also what do you guys call these crazy contraptions when you tell people about them. I want to start a local riding club but don't know which one sounds better. Motorbicycle, Motorized Bicycle, Motorbike? I want to make the distinction from motorcycles while stressing the bicycle. Any thoughts?

Anyway I love the site, and after months of stalking the archives thought I would finally join.


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Sep 28, 2010
I always refer to mine as a motor bicycle. Never a moped, or motor bike. Motor assisted bicycle is ok too, but motor bicycle is easier to say.


May 25, 2008
I most enjoy "MaB" Just has a mystique. I only say or type "MB" or MotorBike though. Funny part is where I live, (CT) they, up to 5 HP and at any speed, are legally considered "Motor driven cycles". With or with out peddles. Same as a moped or scooter.

MAB just sounds unique and way more cool. (just harder to type, snork)