I did a stupid thing again



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Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
on the chainsaw bike I was trying to bend the throttle lever just a hair of coure it broke off. Unfortunately the carb is no good without it. Since the carb will most likely cost me more to replace than the engine cost me, I'm going to try to use a similar carb I had laying around from a week eater. there is one problem Air.

Not air but AIR. Now the Original carb hereafter to be know as the O carb. Had two air intakes. the new carb hereafter to be known as, you guessed it, N carb has only the one opening. The O carb's second air vent did not go through the carb but directly to the cylinder. It did have a open and shut valve operated by the throttle lever. At some point the (when advancing the throttle) it tripped a lever that opened the vent.

Anybody got any suggestions. I had the motor started with n carb for about ten seconds, then when I throttled up it choked so I opened the second vent ( which I had taped over temp) The engine died and would not restart. I am thinking restrict the second vent to about half open all the time and it should be good to go. But I'm too tired to try it tonight.

So if you have any suggestions let me know. I'm game to experiment now and then.


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Jun 29, 2008
memphis tn
sry deacon don't have any suggestions for ya
I do wana say however, that I want to thank you for not being ashamed to admit when you may have messed up. It helps me when I read your posts about these things. It reminds me to not be stupid too ;)