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May 16, 2008
Grand Rapids MI
I'm from Grand Rapids MI, but may be moving south somewhere this fall. I'm 44 single and at the moment, without a job. So I'm concentrating on R&D plans right now.

I'm looking to build a motorized bicycle with the following main goals.
-Very likely pull a bicycle trailer
-Economy budget
-Easy conversion

I'm looking for a comfortable ride for fairly long hauls. Perhaps something like a low rider/semi recumbent.

I do have a 2cycle Craftsman (I think it's a)49cc(it's not local to me) still fully in tact which runs great.

I do not have the bicycle nor mounting stuff. I'm thinking heavy duty and hopefully with suspension. Would prefer a low rider/semi-recumbent as I need a back rest for my arthritic back.

I'll be posting questions for what's best suggested in the appropriate forums.

Looking forward to learning and going from there. Thanks!
4fun (^)


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Dec 23, 2007
Kalamazoo, MI
welcome 4fun. i just moved from battle creek, mi south. all the way to the virgin islands. last winter was bad as you know and i had enough lol. glad to have you with us. on your motorized bicycle build one thing i will recomend is a springer front end or some kind of shock. it made all the difference in the world on my cruiser that i put a bicycle motor on. glad to have you with us