How to Make an EVG 36 Volt SX Traffic-Worthy in Dallas, TX Neighborhoods?


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Jul 6, 2019
Hi. I'm brand new here. Noticed one familiar migrant from another E-Bike Forum, his name is Snellemin.
I'm basically nobody, so, please bear with me as I begin:

This bike's motor and controller are gently used maybe 20 times; the rest of it is road worn by me losing strength and dropping it on the ground repeatedly 3 years ago...because....I'm 54 and undergone some physcial changes. I don't have a man's strength. So why would I keep it now that Iaccocca has passed? Answer: Dallas is full of idiots that won't buy it no matter how much demo or info you give them. HIghest offer has been $50, which was flatly insulting, after the ad describing the motor's value alone as $350.00.

Currently, I'm only 5 feet tall, age 54, and this bike's seat and seat rod are not my friends anymore; I will be needing to sit virtually flush on top of the black plastic housing for my arms and legs to work. This bike is for all practical purposes, needs to transform into my own personal Shetland Pony.

But back to the main that this bike gets a rebirth.

It's chromoly frame includes rods housing the battery box inside of the frame's normal "triangle" so that excess space is taken up, and these rods would have to be removed if considering a gas powered engine. Again - please keep in mind my short stature, and that I mentioned I would basically have to ride flush to the top of the frame in its current, unaltered setup.

If this bike's chromoly frame will NOT remain stable inside if the portion that houses the battery box is removed for a gas engine ...then is there anything I can still do electrically?

Of course I would hate to pay for gas, State registration, a plate, etc., and of course I would love to use free solar energy to power it if remaining electrical. Thoughts I've considered: use 2 motors instead of one, a bigger controller, and additional disc brake, fatter tires, more spokes if necessary.

Please go slowly if you can help me. I'm not into E-Bike jargon, or small engine repair. I am NOT an electrician, and I am not familiar with the people in Dallas that could do the modifying. But I am a former gas scooter rider, and, if you throw me a few clues, I can take the ball and run with it.


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May 1, 2011
Newnan,Georgia U.S.A.
Welcome to the forum, I'm not a e-bike rider but we have quite a few people here that are, if you have looked at pictures here you've probably seen lowered seats that are laying back, you can add longer handle bars to get the controls to a comfortable point. I believe Bikenut a long time member here is from Dallas, maybe he'll post here with ideas.