How many options for centered sprocket?

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    I have got a cone shaped hub on my Schwinn Landmark. It is not the origal
    rear wheel that came with the bicycle. I took a chance and ordered the small
    size clamshell adapter from livefastmotors for multi-speed bicycle. My set up has
    over 5 gallon of fuel through the engine on bicycle and have not had any trouble
    with the set-up. I am a risk taker and most of the time it pays off for me.
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    Oct 21, 2008
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    You might check with NCW Niagara Cycle Works. They are right there in your home state in Niagara Falls. I have ordered several wheels from them. They have a huge selection, alot of them with 12 gauge spokes. The price is also right.

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    Hi guys, I've done a whole bunch of the Rag joint installs, and have never enjoyed the experience! A lot of monkeying around, re-adjusting, and then, NEVER an absolutely true sprocket.

    I recently installed the 2nd adapter and sprocket that I bought from Maniac Mechanic. the hub adapter I used was the Shimano Coaster type, which DEFIANTLY fits tight, will not slip under any circumstances that I can foresee, and works as advertised. Another advantage is that you can actually adjust left and right a bit for good chain alignment.

    I am looking forward to replacing some of my other rear drives with the CE/MM, parts, as they are concentric, clean, well fitting, and make the chain run allot more like a motorcycle.

    Another Machinist that I know, several years ago or so designed and built the very first hub adapters known to exist, but needed to get $75.00 each for his version, it too required a careful measurement of the hub.

    The hub can be very easily measured with a simple Digital Caliper, and I got mine at Harbor Freight on sale for about $14.00.

    I hope my explanation will help you see the value of this part, and the positive part it can play in making a Motor Bicycle more reliable, smoother running piece of equipment.


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