hi motor bicylists



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Sep 29, 2008
ive bought 2 chinese 4 stroke (cycle) kits and had them delivered to the uk no problem. The first problem is that i dont know how to mount the engine base plate to the frame and the second problem is that the axle hub has holes too large for normal spokes, havent been able to locate 12g/105 spokes anywhere. I know dancomp does them but they dont have a net shop. do you think 13g or 2.3mm double butted spokes will be ok to use?
At the moment its all just bits of junk in the garage .

Bikeguy Joe

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Jan 8, 2008
up north now
Welcome...the base plate should have two clamps that mount to the tubes of the frame. Can you post a photo of what you have?

I can't help with the spoke issue other than to suggest a Google search or talk to your local bike shop directly, if he can't get 'em, he's not a real bike shop.