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Dec 26, 2007
Scottsville, VA
Hi All,

I am a long time tinkerer of all things mechanical and have been a part of the motor biking wold for about a year now. I enjoy modifying these engine kits for better performance and durability.

With this in mind I started, King's Sales and Service Group.
For the time being, we currently manufacture custom machined sprockets (see information below), but we will soon be offering other products for our motorized bicycles as well . These will include : Tuned Pipes / expansion chamber exhausts, Custom Ram air intakes, Racing pistons, and more. Development of this additional products
are underway but testing does take time so please stay tuned for additional developments.

As a member of this forum I will do my best to answer any
performance related questions as it pertains to our performance products.

Also, you can check out our developing web page at:

MySpace.com - Kings Sales & Service Group - 36 - Male - CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia - www.myspace.com/kingssalesandservice

Custom Sprockets

We manufacture custom sprockets for Motorized Bicycles, Motorcycles,
ATV's, Scooters, Mopeds, Pocket bikes, Go Karts and more....If you need a sprocket, we can make it for you!

If you are looking for better speed or better power from your bicycle engine kit you have come to the right place.

You are looking at a custom made sprocket designed to fit the standard 9 hole mounting system which is found on MOST ALL of the bicycle engine kits sold on eBay or elsewhere.

The sprockets are custom machined (hobbed not CNC'd for greater precision) from aerospace grade heat treated T651 7075 aluminum....Lightweight, durable/rustproof (better than steel), and available in teeth sizes from 26 to 70+ (lower tooth count is for more speed / higher tooth count is for better pulling power). Our most popular sellers are the 32 T sprocket or 36 T sprocket (Your choice-- write for pricing on larger sprockets....sprockets less than 36 T are all priced the same). The sprockets have precision chamfered teeth (no grinding needed) and lightening holes machined out and beveled....Additionally the sprockets feature an offset design so you can more accurately line up the rear sprocket to the engine sprocket. Each sprocket is stamped with the teeth count for fast identification and has a beautiful satin finish. The weight of our 36 T sprocket is approximately 6.5 ounces VS. 11.8 ounces for a steel gear....Less weight means Faster acceleration and Better braking....NOTE: Race series sprockets have the offset machined off to save even more weight without sacrificing strength unduly....weight would be approximately 3.5 to 4 ounces depending on sprocket size.

These are not the cheapest sprockets available BUT they are THE BEST. Sprockets are designed and Made in the USA.

No. of Teeth/Cost (USD)
--------------- -----------------
26 to 39 / $42.50
40 to 46 / $44.50
47 to 53 / $48.50
54 to 57 / $51.75
58 to 60 / $54.75
61 to 72 / $59.50
73 to 80 / $72.50
Above 80 / Call or write

$12.50 Flat rate shipping to Lower 48 States for up to 5 sprockets (mix or match). Products will be shipped on a weekly basis. Call or write for shipping prices to areas outside the lower 48 States.

Special Notes:

At no additional charge we can (just let us know):

1) Enlarge the center hole to 1.75" to better work on
coaster brake hubs or other hubs requiring
additional spacing

2) Machine the bolt pattern to allow the sprocket to
be mounted onto a standard 6 hole disc brake hub
(sprocket will bolt directly in place of the disc)...
Mounting hardware not included but available here.

We accept: Paypal ("[email protected]")
Visa / Master Card / Discover - order via fax , E-mail,
regular mail....be sure to include all the card , exp
date, and the 3 digit code on back of the card.
Check or Money/order - (may delay shipping until funds clear)

** When ordering be sure to include your complete shipping address and be sure to mention the sprocket size(s) desired. A phone number and or E-Mail address should also be provided in case communications are needed before, during, or after your order.

Our Phone and Fax is:
(automatic switching)

Our shop address is:
1036 St Clair Ave
Charlottesville VA 22901

Email Address is [email protected]

As with any speed enhancing product, extreme caution should be used if you plan on purchasing these part(s). I cannot be responsible for accidents / injuries resulting for the misuse or accident resulting from the use of this product....This product can give you EXTREME SPEED(40+ MPH) .Make sure you, your bicycle, and your engine are up snuff before even thinking of using this product. Use of product is solely at purchasers own risk!


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Dec 23, 2007
Kalamazoo, MI
welcome andy. members i want to let you know i have seen some of andy's work and it is awesome. it is worth the little bit extra you will spend. you will get products from a real american craftsman. i am looking forward to the new performance parts he will be coming out with and check his site all the time. i have asked him questions before on doing things and always a nice prompt response to help me make my bicycle do what we all like to do and that is go fast:D


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Dec 28, 2007
Sunshine State
I am the proud owner of one of King's Custom Sprockets. I am using it on my stretch-cruiser. I went with a 32T to try and gain another mph. Very well made and fast service.