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Feb 26, 2009
I just ordered a Titan rear-mount kit from Dax and will be building my first bike. I'm excited, because I think he's put together a great kit that is going to serve me well. He's also one really friendly, honest and helpful guy.

After settling on the kit, now I'm trying to figure out what kind of a bike to build it on. I'm getting a little frustrated, because I want a steel frame, fenders, at least 7 speeds, larger tires, and bars that have me sitting upright. Doesn't anybody put fenders on "comfort" bikes these days?? After all, I wouldn't think it is very "comfort"able to have a wet stripe up my back and wet nads every time the road gets a little wet. What's with all the straight handlebars too? It's like you have the choice of leaning forward and putting all of your weight on your arms and getting a neck cramp from looking upward/forward or sitting upright with beach cruiser bars that are so wide that you get bugs in your pit hair. Doesn't anyone make a steel-framed, multi-speed bike with normal upright bars, larger tires and fenders anymore? Seriously, if someone knows of a particular model, please let me know. I want a good platform for the kit.

Okay, now that I'm done with the bike rant...... :) When you put the new twist grip for the engine on the handlebars, what is the standard workaround for your bike's standard grip shifter?

This is a great site.