hi from cape cod.


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Aug 9, 2008
Hi, I've been peeping on your forum and thought I should chime in. I've been playing with a kit I got from Chris Hill for almost a year now. I've had it on a '50's Schwinn- looked cool but didn't handle as well as modern bikes, An aluminum cruiser- looked very cool but the thin (thin like you can dent it with your thumb) downtube gave me a "I'm gona die" sort of feeling. Currently I'm using a "Offroad" mountain bike which is first generation Proflex. Finally got the ride I like. Had some motor probs that I got help from ya'll with- leaky case sealed with rtf. I let Chris know about it and he is sending me a new motor- after like a year. I'm switching to a single speed drive on the peddle side and am wondering if anyone has experimented with lighter chain sizes for the motor. I'm trying to get the lightest setup possible. there... my first post an novel.