Hi from Albuquerque



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Nov 15, 2008
Hey all. I've been hanging around Ratrodbikes for a while and wanting to do a motorbike for a while soooo here I am. I just ordered the 80cc but not really 80cc kit from powerking and can't wait for it to get here. After I ordered my engine I went and dug all the parts bikes out of the shed and hacked something together. I just found out I can't post pic links in my first post so I'll do it later.

The rear is a nexus 3 speed. kind of a waste of a nice hub but it's the only good coaster brake I have. I plan to fab a disc brake mounting tab for the front brake. I already have a wheel with a disc hub I just need the caliper so I can start. 30mph on a coaster brake doesn't sound like fun to me. I've spent enough time in traffic on my pedal bikes to know better.:eek::eek:

Any way. Cool site and lots of interesting stuff going on here.

Ride safe.


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May 7, 2008
Houston, Texas
Welcome to the forum! I was born there, and promptly left. rotfl Powerking is a sweet motor. A friend has over a year of 50 mile a day rides to work on his. Take care of it & it will take care of you. (c)