Hi eh!

Tom from Rubicon

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Apr 4, 2016
Rubicon, Wisconsin
Good start with the Hi eh! Mr. Jones.
You fell in with a good crew and welcome a board. Mind the rats, trolls are hard to find unless you tipple in the Tavern. I started a thread here and it is an interesting and informative if chatty partyline sort of thing.
indian22 https://motorbicycling.com/threads/old-guys-simplex-moto-peddle-bike.57770/page-116#post-685425

Follow that thread and pick up on fasteddy posts of another EV build, https://motorbicycling.com/threads/indian-tadpole.25692/page-172#post-685343
Just do a search in that section. Some of us old farts once a thread is started just meander from build to build as the folks who like us follow our journeys.
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