Hey y'all!



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Oct 6, 2008
Lancaster, CA
I've actually been reading some of the posts here for a while now. I've gotten some really good pointers and solved some real head-scratchers. I've just decided to make it official. I also just finished my second build. Boy is it easier the second time. Unfortunately I'm going to need to sell it to... well you know, stabilize the old marriage. If there's anyone in north LA county that's lookin' for a HT fitted beach cruiser, let me know. Anyway, I'm a motored bike commuter now. I either pedal or motor every day of the week. I haven't driven my truck in over a month. Take that OPEC! I love my first build. I call it the road warrior. It looks like something staight out of the Mad Max movies. It's seriously rough around the edges and has had it's problems. My second build is a smooth as silk cruiser with beautiful features and a smooth ride. I'd consider selling the road warrior but it's got a special place in my heart. I'll post a selling post where it's more appropriate. I look forward to talking with everyone.