Hey There from Houston Texas

Sep 19, 2008
So I was searching for a part to my generator which went out during the days following our good friend Hurricane Ike, and stumbled upon your site. All I have to say is ... I'm in !!!!!!

I searched in my garage an have a ryobi weedeater that I have already got back up and running. It took a little time but it runs like a champ now. I have an old Peugot Road bike that is missing a bunch of essentials but is a light and sturdy frame to work off. I just need to find a donor bike for any parts the Peugot doesn't have. My goal is to build this thing with a budget of 0 dollars. Money is very scarce after surviving a hurricane. I am happy to hear any advice for a new guy. I have fairly decent fabricating skills, and a knack for building wacky things.
Wish me luck.


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May 28, 2008
Si, Welcome, You Will Get A Lot Of Help Here. 25cc Is Big Enough If Set Up Correctly. Maybe Keep The Drive Roller Small. Friction Drive ? Sorry About Ike. Terrible Storm ! Recently A Found A Zipcycle For $250. Feel Lucky, Havent Tried It Out Yet. 25cc Friction Drive With A Jackshaft. Will Post A Picture. I Bought A Few Weed Trimmer Motors, Haven`t Messed With Them Yet. Good Luck. Ron . Can Not Post Picture. Been Having Computor Locking Up. Restored It To Factory Settings This Evening. Have To Reinstall Picture Files Etc.


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May 7, 2008
Houston, Texas
Welcome to Our Forum. As Maxwell Smart would say, Ike, Missed us by that much. Corpus Christi tx got Lucky. My heart goes out to you man. A Pugout bike is worth a Lot of coin. Show us some pics. You might want to use another bike for your build. Later Tramp (c)