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Aug 21, 2020
Hi all! New post from brand newby.
I bought a very cool engine ready bicycle- forgot the name of it - that has the gas tank already built in. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Bikeberry and Bicycle-Engines have been selling them for years now. Anyway, very good looking and I wanted as much as I could find in the way of horsepower and low end grunt. I weigh 235 on a good day. 245 today. I bought a Zeda 100 Firestorm and could never get more than a pop or two when exhaustively trying to start the sucker. Got tired of that and there the whole pretty thing sat in my living room. Artwork and dust collector for about a year. I am now back into the project.
Having learned that a large percentage of the Zeda 100's were shipped with the piston facing the wrong direction and having torn into the top end to rectify the situation, I have decided that these top ends are junk. Pitiful porting and just shoddy pride in workmanship.
So here is the question: Since these motors look so similar, will BBR 80cc top end components bolt on to Zeda 100 crankcases? I've seen a vid that said alot of parts do bolt onto the 100 case. Any advice? If they do, advice on piston, reed valve, carb, head, etc. would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!!!