gill vanderwerf

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Sep 9, 2019
well i blew another baring on my rear wheel and the whole wheel locked up 2nd time this happened again i was lucky because i was not going fast and in a parking lot. i have a huffy beach cruiser and i did what i was told with the rear wheel the 1st time it happened now what!!! i dont know what to do anymore. i went to bike store and he had another baring so its in there again but i am scared it might do this again and then when i am going faster. i guess the grinding of the chain was a warning of some sort so that's good to know. i just dont want to keep pumping money in this bike its already cost me a bundle so far. so any suggestions of how to fix this once and for all be great. also i was wondering if i get one of those upgrades that attached on wheel it self and not on spokes if that might take some pressure of that baring?