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    Hello. I know that maybe this type of problem has been already discussed somewhere around this forum.. But hear me out first.
    I have a 80cc china engine kit which I've been using it for almost 4000km (~2 500 miles) with some problems here and there, small ones that I could fix myself or with some help.. but recently something odd happened to my bike.
    First, some background: that day I was running some errands around my town and stopped at a local store, in which I spent roughly 20mins or so. Up until that point, I've ridden my bike for around 20miles or so, that day, without problems. When I came back from the store I found myself not being able to disengage the clutch. Even if I manually push as hard as I can the cam that the clutch cable should pull when disengaging. Of course, I took off the right side cover (clutch cover) and tried to adjust the flower nut so I can at least pedal on my way home and further investigate the problem. But, since I cant disengage the clutch, I cant adjust the flower nut. Tried to hit it with a hammer and screwdriver, but I was too afraid to mess up or break it.
    Any suggestions? I have to mention that the clutch cable and clutch itself were working perfectly (cable adjusted properly) before entering the store.
    And the cam is pulled all the way in by the clutch cable. As I said, I cant disengage the clutch even if I push the cam myself all the way in. The cable pulls the cam inward all the way, but the clutch does not disengage.

    What can I do? It seems its stuck.
    I've read a lot here about stuck engaged clutches, but most threads were about new engines being locked from the factory. But here its not like that.

    Thank you all for taking the time to respond. And sorry if I have bad English, i'm not a native English speaker.
    Looking forward for replies.


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